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  • Ma Murray Awards Are Coming!

    We can safely say that we’ve probably met every courier in the Lower Mainland over the past few days. Every few minutes our door rings with a new delivery and package for our ever-growing pile – it’s better than Christmas! The reason? Well, as some of you may already know, Curve Communications helps the BC and Yukon Community Newspaper Association with the annual Ma Murray Community Newspaper Awards and Gala and we’re rolling up our sleeves preparing for the fun.

    Submissions! Submissions! Submissions!

    Newspaper editors and publishers across BC and Yukon have been busy putting together the very best of the best to be judged this year for a chance to win our version of the Oscar and be celebrated by their peers.

    Friday, January 13, 2012, was the submission deadline and now the hard work really begins for the Curve team. Sorting through the entries, liaising with judges and putting the final touches on the event.

    If you’re interested in attending this year’s Ma Murray’s, make sure you save the date!

    When: Saturday, April 14, 2012

    Where: River Rock Casino, Richmond

    Please check the BCYCNA website for more details.


  • A Brit too far? A Curve Englishwoman speaks up

    The Huffington Post has just published a list of famous British people who shaped the world.
    As Curve Communications is almost a quarter British, we thought we should wade into this debate!

    Take a look at the list, drawn up simply – and as a marketing gimmick, which we will always support! – because of the release of Meryl Streep’s movie The Iron Lady, about former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

    There are the no-brainers…Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare…the usual brilliant suspects.

    Then there are the modern inclusions; Tony Blair, JK Rowling, David Beckham…and honestly, out of these three, I’m more confused about Tony Blair being on the list than the Harry Potter author and the soccer superstar.  Rowling is single-handedly responsible for getting millions of children across the world interested in reading – and she has done sterling work keeping elderly British actors in work for the past 10 years to boot.  And Beckham has kept the flag flying at home with his Olympic spearheading, while also opening up the mysterious low-scoring world of FOOTBALL, yes, it’s football people, to a whole new audience.  But political persuasion aside, is someone like Blair, more worthy of note than say, Clement Atlee, whose government oversaw the introduction of the National Health Service, more equality for women, better workers rights such as sick leave and increased employment and wages following the second world war?  Or is it more likely that readers of the Huffington Post have heard of Tony Blair and wouldn’t have a clue who Clement Atlee was?

    Lists are subjective – you will always have people saying “where was so-and-so?” or “are you kidding me?” – so I suppose I should just be grateful that people like Eddie The Eagle Edwards and Simon Cowell have been left off.

  • Stuff PR People Say

    Every now and then you have to poke a little fun at yourself, right? Whether you’re a man, woman or in simply work in PR, there’s no denying the fact that what often makes us unique and special can also give us a good laugh, especially when you look in the mirror.

    Last month, the hilarious YouTube video about “stuff girls say” quickly went viral and several spoofs soon followed.

    Today, “PR people” across North America are sitting at their desks chuckling with the latest spoof done by a PR agency in New York that pokes fun at what we say.


    If you haven’t seen the original video about “stuff girls say” – watch it here.

  • Marketing/Communication tips for businesses

    It’s a new year and if you’re like many people, you’ve made a resolution to improve either yourself, your business or both. If you own a small- or medium-sized business, January is a great time to map out your company’s goals and create a plan to get you there. For this reason, we’ve outlined three marketing and communication tips for entrepreneurs to consider when looking ahead to a successful 2012.

    1. Website – Have a good look at your website. When was the last time it was updated? Is the information still correct and/or relevant? A website is an important communications tool for any business, and neglecting it can keep you from achieving your goals. New technology has made it easier for small businesses to create a simple, yet effective website than can be updated by anyone on your team. Make sure your website is modern, fresh and easy to use.

    2. Public Relations – Once your website is up-to-date, tell your story! What do you do for the community? What’s your success story? Do you sell or produce a unique product? As a communications company, we know that everyone has a story to tell – it’s just a matter of finding the right one and sharing it with the media and the public. Keep in mind that the best stories are about people and that PR and advertising are two totally different things.

    3. Online Marketing – You have a website and you have a story… now you have to make sure people can find you online. If you appear in the paper, and the public is interested in your company, they’ll definitely Google your business. But if your company’s website can’t be found, then all your hard work has been for nothing. How do you make sure your website is easily found? There are a few options to consider depending on your budget, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are the easiest and least expensive ways to get you noticed, and can be tailored depending on your budget.

    If you’re considering making changes in 2012, Curve Communications can help you reach all of your communications goals. Whether you want a new website, need PR or simply want to improve your online visibility – our team of professionals can help you achieve the success you’re looking for this year.

    For more info contact us here.

  • Twitter lessons courtesy of the Murdochs

    If you’re on Twitter, then at some point it’s happened to you… you’ve sent a Tweet  that you wished you could take back. Whether it’s a typo, wrong name, wrong article or just something that on second thought you realized probably shouldn’t be on public display for everyone on the World Wide Web to see. These are lessons that one quickly learns when starting off in social media.

    This past week we’ve all been reminded of what can go wrong on Twitter through the trials and tribulations of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his wife Wendi Deng.

    When Rupert decided to start a Twitter account on New Year’s Eve, we knew it was going to be interesting! However, the back-pedaling for the octogenarian started not even a full day after his first Tweet, when he posted, “maybe Brits have too many holidays for broke country!” Shortly after, an unverified account bearing his wife’s name — @Wendi_Deng — replied, “@rupertmurdoch RUPERT!!! delete tweet!”

    New reports now claim that Wendi isn’t on Twitter after all, and the verification has been pulled. So much for the newest Twitter power couple!

    There are three things we can all learn from this situation:

    A)   Nobody is perfect on Twitter.

    B)   Think before you Tweet.

    C)   Grab your business and personal name before someone else does.