Industry News

  • Online Marketing Campaigns: The Consumer is the Medium

    May 30 , 2012

    In an interview with Marketing Magazine, Andy Polansky, President of the global PR agency Weber Shandwick, stated that 20-25% of all PR work is now in the digital and social realm. Most obviously, this creates the need for new skill sets. That is, in order to tell your story, you must have a working knowledge […]

  • Using Marketing Analytics To Increase Your Online Presence

    May 24 , 2012

    We at Curve are always trying to find ways to better evaluate our clients’ marketing analytics. As anyone who’s used Google Analytics can relate, it’s far too easy to get overwhelmed with all of the information available. The time and effort it takes to evaluate marketing analytics means that it cannot be easily done by […]

  • Why You Should Hire a Professional

    May 23 , 2012

    A recent small-business article in the Wall Street Journal by Barbara Haislip caught our attention. Writing about the dangers of not hiring a professional photographer, Haislip points out that far too often small and new businesses choose to do things like taking their own pictures in an effort to save money. But, as Haislip shows, […]

  • Pinterest Contests for Business

    Mar 14 , 2012

    As we mentioned last week, the newest social network, Pinterest, has companies around the world wondering how they can get on board of the ‘pinning’ craze. As we’ve seen with Facebook and Twitter, contests are usually a great way to engage your social media audience. But, if you’re still wondering how to tackle it with […]

  • Pinterest… It’s all the rage!

    Mar 07 , 2012

    Look out Facebook and Twitter, there’s a new kid in town. is a relatively new social network (or as some websites are calling it, a “visual social discovery network”) that is being touted as one of the fastest growing websites in history. Pinterest allows users to create online pinboards (like a bulletin board) for various categories […]