Industry News

  • Digital Media Influences 40% of Purchases

    Dec 09 , 2011

    eBay has announced their research findings regarding purchase influences. According to eBay, “40 per cent of purchases are now influenced by digital media.” Two fifths of ‘big-ticket’ purchases involve a digital channel of some form, which includes product research and sharing links between friends.

  • Ballet of Cuba Holiday Discount

    Dec 08 , 2011

    A ticket to the National Ballet of Cuba’s Don Quixote, THE cultural event of 2012, is the perfect gift for that person in your life who has everything. Street teams were out over the weekend handing out holiday promo cards for $10 off each ticket to the February presentation of this extraordinary Canadian premiere. The National Ballet of Cuba is one of the top ranked ballet companies in the world. For more information on the ballet and for tickets, visit

  • SinuCleanse Neti Pot Featured on TV

    Dec 07 , 2011

    According to SinuCleanse, the makers of the modern day neti pot, sniffles and sinus congestion do NOT have to take over your life. Shaw TV reporter Rolfe Johannson recently visited Vive Naturopath in Calgary for a one-on-one demonstration on how it works. Vancouver’s Dr. Rhonda Low also recently featured the SinuCleanse neti pot on her CTV segment.

  • Esquire Magazine Announces Photo of the Year: Vancouver Riot Kissing Couple

    Dec 02 , 2011

    Let’s face it… it was not our finest hour. But one of the few positive things to come out of the Vancouver Riot (2011 version) is the fact we WON (no, not game 7, sorry) the Esquire Magazine “Photo of the Year” as announced yesterday. You’ll have seen the image – the couple lying in […]

  • The Year of the Mobile…

    Nov 23 , 2011

    If I earned a dollar every time somebody said to me, “…this year is the year of the mobile”, I’d be sitting on my Yacht in the French Riviera sipping on cocktails.