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  • Digital Media Influences 40% of Purchases

    With the holiday season in full swing our attention turns to Christmas parties, and of course… shopping! Bearing this in mind, eBay has announced their research findings regarding purchase influences.

    According to eBay, “40 per cent of purchases are now influenced by digital media.” Two fifths of ‘big-ticket’ purchases involve a digital channel of some form, which includes product research and sharing links between friends.

    Are these findings surprising? Probably not, based on online habits and the increase use of smart phones over the last two years. However, at Curve we believe the numbers are only going to increase in 2012. Especially since social media shopping is still in its infancy. When the day arrives that more online shops offer checkouts through Facebook, is the day that 40 per cent will skyrocket!

  • Ballet of Cuba Holiday Discount

    Nothing says “Feliz Navidad” like tickets to the ballet. So, if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for that person in your life who has everything… consider gifting them tickets to THE cultural event of 2012, the National Ballet of Cuba’s Don Quixote.

    Street teams were out over the weekend handing out holiday promo cards for $10 off each ticket to the February presentation of this extraordinary Canadian premiere. Check your local coffee shop for details on how you can get this discount, or contact us at Curve Communications.

    The National Ballet of Cuba is one of the top ranked ballet companies in the world. Don Quixote is rarely performed because of the sheer bravura required to pull off what is considered to be one of the most technically challenging works ever created.

    The ballet is presented in memory of the late impresario, David Y. H. Lui, by his long-time friend and business partner Brent Belsher. The two were working together to bring the ballet to Canada when David suddenly passed away in October.

    For more information on the ballet and for tickets, visit


  • SinuCleanse Neti Pot Featured on TV

    With each winter season comes the inevitable sniffles… but are they really inevitable? According to SinuCleanse , the makers of the modern day neti pot, sniffles and sinus congestion do NOT have to take over your life.

    If you’re not familiar with the neti pot or how it works, Shaw TV reporter Rolfe Johannson recently visited Vive Naturopath in Calgary for a one-on-one demonstration on how it works. Watch his hilarious video on just how easy (and soothing) it is to use.

    Vancouver’s Dr. Rhonda Low also recently featured the SinuCleanse neti pot on her CTV segment, Your Health. Dr. Low says the neti pot or “nasal washing” is a great way to naturally cure a cold or flu and regularly recommends it to her patients. Watch her story here.

    Sinucleanse on CTV from Curve Communications on Vimeo.

    The next time you’re feeling a cold coming on, pick up one of the three available all-natural SinuCleanse products; the Neti Pot, the Squeeze or the Kids Mist.

  • Esquire Magazine Announces Photo of the Year: Vancouver Riot Kissing Couple

    Let’s face it… it was not our finest hour. But one of the few positive things to come out of the Vancouver Riot (2011 version) is the fact we WON (no, not game 7, sorry) the Esquire Magazine “Photo of the Year” as announced yesterday.

    You’ll have seen the image – the couple lying in the middle of the street, surrounded by riot police, chaos and destruction; sharing a tender moment while the world crashes down around them.

    There were claims the Getty Images shot was Photoshopped or that the whole thing was a setup but after the inevitable frenzied media hunt for the couple, Scott Jones and Alex Thomas were tracked down to give their side of events – and video taken from a rooftop above confirms their story.

    They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time; they were knocked to the ground in a surge by the riot squad and Alex, who was terrified, was simply being comforted by her boyfriend – in Canada from Australia, where his Dad was also giving interviews to the media.

    The fact the story had a happy ending – that they weren’t hurt and that it was a genuinely fragile moment in a maelstrom of insanity – makes the award a poignant one.

    It might not be a sailor kissing a surprised young woman in Times Square on V.J. Day, or a lone man standing in front of a tank, but the image is from the vein of the “new iconic photograph” – published around the world in mere hours, dissected on talk shows and comedy news and representative of a memory – good or bad, in our history.

    Do you have a favourite iconic photograph?

  • The Year of the Mobile…

    If I earned a dollar every time somebody said to me “…this year is the year of the mobile,” I’d be sitting on my yacht in the French Riviera sipping on cocktails. Instead, I’m reading another article claiming that the ‘invasion’ of the mobile is finally here, and by the end of 2015 we will all speak in text slang and the Earth will be the shape of an Apple (R.I.P Steve Jobs). Okay, I admit some of that is false, but you catch my drift.

    Bad jokes aside, it really does look as though the dominance of the smartphone is starting to make great headway in its role as an advertising tool (or so research suggests). Gartner Research has stated that by 2015, 50 per cent of companies’ online sales will come via social media platforms and mobile applications. This is research, which sounds extremely believable considering that the sales of mobile phones have now overtaken those of PCs. It is something all companies should take into consideration when creating marketing strategies to move their business forward.

    Social and mobile media is an area that scares a lot of businesses because they’re not sure how to use it. If you’re one of those businesses, now is the time to face that fear, because otherwise you will be left behind.

    Both of these media landscapes are going to be so influential in future years that it’s too costly not to be involved; especially those in ecommerce. The increase in smartphone sales shows that users want information at their fingertips while on the move. Technology has made us become incredibly inpatient, however, ecommerce businesses can use this to their advantage through location-based services.

    We’re finally getting there, however, in my opinion, the ‘year of the mobile’ has become the ‘years of the mobile’. Now where’s my cocktail gone…?

    If you want to see the Gartner Research in full please Click Here.