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  • Pinterest Contests for Business

    Mar 14 , 2012

    As we mentioned last week, the newest social network, Pinterest, has companies around the world wondering how they can get on board of the ‘pinning’ craze. As we’ve seen with […]

  • Pinterest… It’s all the rage!

    Mar 07 , 2012

    Look out Facebook and Twitter, there’s a new kid in town. is a relatively new social network (or as some websites are calling it, a “visual social discovery network”) that is […]

  • Priceline Kills “The Negotiator”

    Feb 01 , 2012

    When you think of Priceline, an image of William Shatner – The Negotiator –probably pops into your head, right? However, the latest TV commercial shows The Negotiator rescuing of group of tourists on board a bus before plunging to what appears to be a fiery death below.

  • News, blogs and all things interesting

    Jan 25 , 2012

    The most interesting issues happening this week.
    1.McDonald’s Twitter Campaign: Fans are sharing bad experiences on twitter with McDonald’s products.
    2.Apple’s Record-breaking Quarter: Good times for Apple; record-breaking sales of iPhones, iPads and Macs has resulted in a $46.33-billion quarter! Apple now has $97.6 billion in cash.
    3.State of the Union and Twitter: They were 760,000 tweets during the President’s speech.
    4.Why Students Should Blog: A blog, written by Michael White, informs about the benefits of blogging.
    5.Witty Twitter Bios: 20 witty Twitter bios that will leave you smiling.

  • Digital Advertising Alliance Announces ‘Your AdChoices’ – The Consumer Campaign To Educate Behavioral Targeting

    Jan 20 , 2012

    Back in December 2011, we posted an article discussing the debate of online tracking, initiated by Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart (The Debate of Online Tracking: Catch 22 For Advertisers). […]