In case you didn’t know, journalists aren’t perfect – but then again, who is?

Far too often, something we hear on the news or read in the paper becomes common, everyday language that we all pick up without really analyzing whether it’s correct or not… until today.

John Sternberg is on a mission to correct the unnecessary words many journalists use today. In his simple (yet affective) blog, Unnecessary Journalism Phrases, John says “the blog was created to showcase linguistic crutches journalists employ.”

While the blog is directed towards journalists, anyone who is a communicator can really benefit from his lessons. Whether you writing about someone’s “tragic death” or what you did in the “morning hours,” John’s blog will definitely make you think the next time you sit in front of your computer to write.

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I don’t know about you, but now that summer is over I’m spending a little more time on the couch. As Canadians do, especially those in Vancouver, as soon as the sunshine says good-bye we tend to hibernate until it returns (usually until the following May – if we’re lucky).

As I hunker down to watch the season premiers of my new favourite shows, I can’t help but notice and be totally annoyed with the high volume levels of TV commercials this week.

In case you missed it, last week the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) told broadcasters they’ll have to begin controlling the loudness of the ads by Sept. 1, 2012. The decision comes after a two-month public consultation period that resulted in more than 7,000 complaints about the “ear-splitting ads.”

Of course, Canada’s major broadcasters have said they’ll work over the next year to comply with the new rules and meet the deadline. However, I can’t help but notice that the ads have gotten even louder in the last week. Could it be that broadcasters want the last laugh? I have a feeling the CRTC will be receiving a few more complaints over the next month.

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Yesterday, Steve Jobs made what must have been the toughest decision of his life – the decision to resign as Chief Executive Officer of Apple. The news came as a huge surprise to many Apple fans across the world, despite signs his health was failing.

Today, the story is about what the future holds for Apple without Jobs at the helm, even though he’s leaving the company in the hands of his well-trusted, right-hand man, Tim Cook.

While we can’t predict the future, we can look back at the past – way before the iPod, the iPhone or the iPad.

We’ve come across a great YouTube video from the Worldwide Developers Conference in 1997 where Jobs was asked to give the closing keynote speech. Instead, he chose to have an honest and candid conversation with the audience. Even though his talk is 14 years old, many of his points are still relevant today, including his insight on how Apple should deal with the negative press.


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YouTube’s latest sensation is Matthew Epstein, a 24-year-old product manager from Atlanta, who’s taken an innovative approach to getting himself noticed by one of the largest companies on earth, Google.

Unemployed and frustrated, Epstein created a video plea to Google early this month about why they should hire him. But it wasn’t what he said that caught the world’s attention; it’s how did it. Dressed in a suit and tie, with a fake moustache and scotch in hand, Epstein revealed his comical yet “suave” alter ego.

The video, which has now received more than 400,000 views, has received mix reviews. Some Human Resources professionals commented that it was too much, while others praised him for his creativity and courage.

Did the video work? According to Epstein’s personal website, he’s since received several job offers and is getting close to landing a dream job. Whether it’s with Google or someone else, is still unknown.

You can follow Epstein’s journey here.

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If you haven’t already heard, George Affleck, President and CEO of Curve Communications, is running for council under the NPA.

Since throwing his hat into the ring, George has been asked why he’s running in this campaign. His answer is simple: because Vancouver matters.

Born and raised in the Lower Mainland, George says he doesn’t just love Vancouver, “he lives Vancouver.” His passion for the city he calls home, means he is strongly committed to groups in his community. George works closely with the arts, he is chair of a Parent Advisory Committee, a member of the board for the Vancouver Children’s Festival and is past chair of the Vancouver Comedy Festival and the Cooperative Auto Network (now Modo), both of which he lead to much success during his tenure.

George joins mayoral candidate Suzanne Anton and the NPA team, including:

  • Elizabeth Ball – Candidate for City Council
  • Sean Bickerton – Candidate for City Council
  • Joe Carangi – Candidate for City Council
  • Ken Charko – Candidate for City Council
  • Mike Klassen – City Council
  • Jason Lamarche – Candidate for City Council
  • Bill McCreery – Candidate for City Council
  • Bill Yuen – Candidate for City Council
  • Francis Wong – Candidate for City Council

If you’re looking for more information about George, his campaign and the NPA, follow this link.

You can also follow George on Facebook and Twitter.

georgeaffleck Curve Communications Boss Runs for City Council

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