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  • Marketing/Communication tips for businesses

    Jan 05 , 2012

    January is a great time to map out your company’s goals and create a plan to get you there. For this reason, we’ve outlined three marketing and communication tips for entrepreneurs to consider when looking ahead to a successful 2012.

    1. Update your website
    2. Do PR
    3. Do online marketing

  • Twitter lessons courtesy of the Murdochs

    Jan 04 , 2012

    Sometimes you wished you could take back the tweet you’ve sent on Twitter. Rupert decided to start a Twitter account on New Year’s Eve. He posted, “maybe Brits have too many holidays for broke country!” Shortly after, an unverified account bearing his wife’s name — @Wendi_Deng — replied, “@rupertmurdoch RUPERT!!! delete tweet!” New reports now claim that Wendi isn’t on Twitter after all, and the verification has been pulled.

  • Curve’s most memorable news stories in 2011

    Dec 23 , 2011

    Team Curve picked their four most memorable news stories in 2011.

    1. Japanese Tsunami
    2. Stanley Cup Riots
    3. Steve Jobs’ Death
    4. George Elected Vancouver City Councillor

  • The Debate of Online Tracking: Catch 22 For Advertisers

    Dec 14 , 2011

    Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart released new guidelines for advertisers who track consumers’ Internet use. Stoddart has a valid point that users should be able to opt out of behavioural advertising on each website they visit. On the flip side, creating opt-out functions on websites could become irritating to a user because of the amount of extra clicks that would be required while browsing. Plus, the data gathered from online tracking is not as personal as you may think. Maybe, before strict guidelines are implemented, the first step should be a better education on what online tracking actually is. One of the reasons it was put into place (which people tend not to speak of, for some reason) is to provide the user with a better online experience more relevant to their interests and needs.

  • Digital Media Influences 40% of Purchases

    Dec 09 , 2011

    eBay has announced their research findings regarding purchase influences. According to eBay, “40 per cent of purchases are now influenced by digital media.” Two fifths of ‘big-ticket’ purchases involve a digital channel of some form, which includes product research and sharing links between friends.