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  • Mobilize your Business Through Apps

    Jan 23 , 2013

    With smart phones now being the standard, it is now crucial for businesses to market themselves through apps. And if you’re thinking “I already invest properly in marketing” know that the amount of consumers making purchases over their smartphones is quickly rising – and shows no reason to continue to rise unabated. 

  • Facebook Releases “Third Pillar'”

    Jan 17 , 2013

    Facebook’s newest feature, a revamped search engine called Graph Search, has received a variety of responses. Many people questioned why a common sense feature has taken so long to implement while others feel that it will be be a creative curator of online content, allowing you to receive feedback on dining, travelling, reading, etc. While […]

  • Wanting to Outsource your Social Media? Hire A PR Specialist!

    Jan 11 , 2013

    To answer your question, no, this is NOT a shameless plug masquerading as a blog. Today I came across a great article titled “6 Reasons PR Pros Should Manage Social Media.” While I could be tempted to turn this into promotional piece, what I found really valuable about this article is how it cited the […]

  • Turns out Psychopathy likes an Audience!

    Jan 04 , 2013

    A funny article came across our desk today. The title really says it all: Journalism is Among Top 10 Occupations to Most Likely Attract Psychopaths.  With so many former journalists on staff, we couldn’t help but give each other the shifty eye (while hiding the knives and forks). After hashing things out during the Friday meeting, […]

  • Why Am I Blogging?

    Dec 12 , 2012

    Everyone who writes for a company’s blog has likely questioned the efficacy of blogging, and to be fair, it’s a question that deserves answering. Taking into account the researching, writing  and editing, populating a blog with regular content constitutes a major investment of time and resources for most businesses. As I will show, like most […]