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  • Why Am I Blogging?

    Dec 12 , 2012

    Everyone who writes for a company’s blog has likely questioned the efficacy of blogging, and to be fair, it’s a question that deserves answering. Taking into account the researching, writing  and editing, populating a blog with regular content constitutes a major investment of time and resources for most businesses. As I will show, like most […]

  • New LinkedIn Takes a Page Out of Facebook

    Oct 31 , 2012

    How many of you have updated your job title on Facebook before LinkedIn? If that’s a yes then you’re certainly not alone. While LinkedIn is a great tool for networking, its visual aesthetic leaves a lot to the imagination, resulting in many of us checking our LinkedIn profiles less often than we probably should. However, […]

  • How to Use Instagram to Market your Business

    Oct 19 , 2012

    Last month, Instagram surged past Twitter as the Internet leader in mobile traffic. Over the past six months, Instagram’s daily visitors increased by one thousand percent – from 886,000 daily visitors to 7.3 million!

  • Do You Share Photos & Videos Via Social Media Sites?

    Oct 18 , 2012

    According to Pew Research, Internet users are increasingly sharing original photos and videos using social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. This new statistic shows that 46% of online adults are posting their own photos and videos for their online community to enjoy. Not surprisingly, a younger demographic – aged 18-29 – tended […]

  • How to Top Your Last Staff Party

    Oct 01 , 2012

    Today is October first, which naturally means everyone is starting to think about Christmas. In the office, that means the party planning committee needs to start financing for the Christmas party, and what is a Christmas party without a festive keg?