Last night, The Vancouver Business Club (VBC) held another perfectly reviewed meet-up! After taking the helm only two months ago, Curve’s business development manager, Jared Williams, has grown VBC by 72 members.

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If you’ve ever wondered whether you are tweeting at the best times, Vancouver-based Hootsuite has created a tool called AutoSchedule that now automatically schedules your tweets at optimal times.

While Hootsuite already allows users to schedule tweets, AutoSchedule analyzes user data to insure that that tweets receive maximum exposure and click-through rates.  What’s more, businesses that frequently use Twitter no longer have to laboriously schedule each individual tweet at a specific time. Rather, users can post all tweets to Hootsuite’s AutoSchedule.

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After only three meet ups, the Vancouver Business Club (VBC) is receiving some glowing commendations.  Organized by Curve Communications‘ business development manager, Jared Williams, each of VBC’s three meet ups have received perfect reviews, an unheard of achievement on business networking site, Meetup. Continue reading

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Over the last couple of months the folks at Greenpeace have been busy bees in the social media scene. They have taken it upon themselves to post videos, create a website, and Tweet all on Shell’s behalf – essentially hijacking the company’s social media presence for their own benefit, to raise awareness about the oil drilling in the Arctic. As you may have guessed, the campaign sparked anger with many people who didn’t know the “messaging” was really coming from Shell’s arch enemy, Greenpeace.

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Screen Shot 2014 03 06 at 1.49.11 PM Facebook Launches New WordPress Plugin

Facebook has launched a new WordPress plugin that allows cross-platform publishing, something that will only increase Facebook’s online presence.

The new app is easy-to-use and will allow WordPress bloggers to have content easily published on their Facebook timeline and Facebook pages with no coding. Further, the plugin enables WordPress users to add additional widgets such as activity feeds, likes and subscriptions. Continue reading

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