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  • Lanki Investigations Take BT to Detective School

    Curve coordinated some great coverage for our client Lanki Investigations on today’s Breakfast Television.  The feature, which consisted of multiple segments running throughout today’s three-hour broadcast, saw the Lanki team walking viewers through a variety of surveillance scenarios, and giving a fascinating behind-the-scenes look into the life of a private investigator.

    You can watch all the segments here.

    Lanki Investigations Inc. was established in 1989 as a full service investigations firm delivering high quality intelligence to major insurance companies, corporate clients and private individuals. Since its inception, Lanki Investigations has remained an industry leader in the investigative field, providing clients with superior service and accurate information.

    In addition to being the private investigation firm’s PR agency, Curve Communications also provided re-branding and a new website for the company.  You can check out our work at

  • Vancouver Sun Hit Starts 2011 Success for Sinucleanse

    In 2010 our PR agency worked closely with Sinucleanse: a company that provides gentle, soothing and 100 percent natural sinus relief through their nasal washing products.

    As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, our ongoing media relations campaign has been met with enthusiasm and success across both print and television media throughout Canada. Sinucleanse provides a practical and comfortable solution for those suffering from Winter viruses and flu symptoms. In addition, it can also provide relief to hayfever and allergy sufferers. Curve used Sinucleanse’s multi-purpose and versatile nature to garner hits in every season of 2010, including articles in Canada Free Press, the Toronto Star, Trail Daily Times, Asian Pacific Post, The National Post, The Calgary Herald, and The Ottawa Citizen. And, of course, we still love BT’s segment on Sinucleanse’s Neti Pot as an ideal (and amusing!) demonstration of how the process works.

    Today, The Vancouver Sun featured an article on the benefits of nasal washing with products such as the neti pot. Journalist Joanne Laucius spoke to Dr. Heatley, Sinucleanse founder and ear, nose and throat specialist, about the benefits of practicing nasal irrigation. In addition, Dr. Heatley explained why she decided to use her specialist skills in the medical field to produce a durable, unbreakable neti pot and corresponding line of products.

    We are delighted to start 2011 with such a positive start to our ongoing campaign for Sinucleanse!

  • Olympic Whistler Beer Legacy Continues

    Who can forget the 2010 Winter Olympics here in Vancouver and Whistler? The electric atmosphere of crowds on the street, the clarity of hockey scores from cheers echoing outside of bars, the team spirit that everyone invoked during the two weeks. And, of course, who can forget those small but definitive moments of Canadian patriotism and victory that we saw on the podium, on the track, and on the slopes?

    One such moment was when Jon Montgomery won Gold for Canada in the Men’s Skeleton and celebrated by glugging at a sizeable pitcher of Whistler Beer on his way from the tracks. While this moment was immortalized with photos, YouTube videos, and blog posts, Canadians also relived it when Joe O’Connor of The National Post recently interviewed Montgomery about this honest and uplifting moment.

    “If your image is anchored to one moment it means that the moment was special to people,” Montgomery said to him. “And if the lasting image people have of me is of me grabbing a pitcher of beer, I don’t think there could be anything more fitting.

    “Grabbing a pitcher of beer is part of who I am. It was a natural moment, and in that moment, I was just being me.”

    Here at Curve we relished the Olymics and the spirit that went with it. We also greatly enjoy representing Whistler Beer. We can think of no finer way to symbolise what Whistler Beer – and its taste – stands for than to have a Canadian hero celebrate his victory with it.


  • The Success of A Small Business: The Bar Method Vancouver

    Since Curve’s client, The Bar Method, opened its doors on October 23, the studios have been pulsing with Vancouver residents looking to try the workout, either to get in shape for the Christmas party season or to continue an effective exercise regimen already established.

    In preparation for the launch, Curve conducted a media relations campaign that resulted in – among other hits – a story by Jenny Lee of The Vancouver Sun about the exercise method. Jenny followed up with Carolyn Williams, owner of The Bar Method Vancouver, to find out more about The Bar Method as a small business.

    Read the article discussing how Carolyn found the ideal space for the studio, why she loves Vancouver so much, and how she uses the internet to promote her business.

  • The Bar Method Launches and Curve Prepares

    Curve has been working over the summer with The Bar Method Vancouver – the revolutionary exercise method that combines ballet, Pilates and yoga to create sleek, toned silhouettes. Now, after weeks of preparation and word of mouth about the workout spreading like wildfire throughout the city, the first-ever Canadian studio is ready to launch on Saturday October 23!

    Our media relations team have started work on a PR campaign to increase awareness of the science behind, and the effectiveness of, The Bar Method. The first of these hits was a cover of the Health section of The Vancouver Sun. In addition, Curve is arranging a special, VIP media launch event in the next week to give journalists a sneak preview of the luxurious studios.

    As we wrote about in our previous blog post, the Curve team has appreciated the opportunity to experience The Bar Method for themselves. As converts, we’re looking forward to trying the new studio, complete with tiled floors, maple wood lockers, complimentary organic shampoo, conditioner and moisturizers for each client, and eco-dry towels. Until the studio opens and we step back up to the bar however, we will continue to work as an integrated team on targeted media relations, and media launches, to ensure a successful launch!

    To learn more or sign up for Bar Method Vancouver classes, click here.